Top Ten Things Annoying Things About Facebook

#10 - Everyone keeps asking for a dislike button that isn’t going to happen.Ask and you shall receive, but Facebook members have been asking for a dislike button for years and it hasn’t happened yet. If a new social network came out with a dislike button, I’m sure they would have a million members within days, but it isn’t going to happen on Facebook. Lets move on. 

# 9 - Instant messages via Facebook. I don’t want to IM my friends on Facebook; stop telling me that I do! I don’t want a million chat requests from people I don’t want to talk to every time I log into Facebook. If I wanted to talk to my friends, I would post on their walls or send them a message via AIM.

# 8 - Never ending game invites. A new game pops up everyday and inevitably someone is going to invite me to play, and then invite me to play again and again until they finally get sick of the game 2 weeks later. If I already play the game, I will accept the request, otherwise I won’t. And sending me more requests isn’t going to get me to start playing the game.

# 7 - Public Event invites. It’s always great to be invited to a fun event your friend is putting on (not the random events all the way across the country from people you haven’t talked to since elementary school), but if you invite me via Facebook, I’m probably going to forget all about the event when it rolls around. It’s a little less fun to log into Facebook and find out that my friend is throwing a party or having a night out on the town and all our mutual friends are attending, but I wasn’t invited and I’m left to wonder technological mistake or does s/he really not like me?

# 6 - Friend requests from people I don’t know and don’t have any friends in common with. Random people, to whom I have no connection at all can send me a million of friend requests, but Facebook warns me to make sure I really know the person I am friend requesting because if I send too many unwanted requests they will block my friending privileges. But random people can request me all they want? Seriously?! Also deleting unwanted friend requests is now two step process. You have to ignore the request before you have the option to delete it.

# 5 - Worthless notifications. We all get excited when the little red bubble pops up to inform us of a new wall post or photo comment, but it’s a big disappointment when you find out the 5 notifications are because your old college roommate wants to compare quiz results or your former co-worker answered a question about you on some random application that has no plans on telling you what he said anyway.

# 4 -Pokes. It was only fun for the first 5 minutes. I think we’re all wondering what the point is now. 

# 3 -Annoying Status Updates. I think we all agree on this one and there are plenty of articles about this on the internet (see links below), so I won’t say anything else other than I don’t care what your kid did, where you’re going or if you are picking your nose.

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# 2 - Public announcements via Facebook. I’m happy that you got a new job, or got married or are pregnant, but if I’m your friend and you want me to know, tell me personally! I don’t want to find out the important stuff that’s going on in your life via a public announcement on Facebook. That goes double if I’m involved or it some how affects me. Also don’t keep bringing it up and mentioning it on Facebook in case someone missed it; it sounds a lot like bragging.

# 1 -Constant changes. From privacy settings to layouts to new features I didn’t ask for, Facebook is a revolving door of innovation. Why can’t Facebook just leave well enough alone?